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Ramadan Recitation

quran recitation

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Recitation by Sheikh AbdulRashed Sheikh Ali Sufi from Translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali from From 2:183 to 2:203 tags: dhaqancelis dhaqan celis Quran Quraan Qur'an Kuran Ramadan Islam Muslim Allah Sheikh AbdulRashed Sheikh Ali Sufi Aflax Abdullah Yusuf Ali Translation Recitation the holy Month cabdirashiid cali suufi cabdulrasheed wadac wadac yaa ramadan wabika marxaban shaykh sheeq shiiq quraanka kariimka kareem From Search somali reciting quran sh cabdirishid cali sufi c/rshid cali suufi sh c/rashiid cali saafi sheikh c/rashiid sh cali suufi sheikh cabdirashiid cali sufi cabdirasghiid cali suufi sh.abdirishiidsh. ali sufi quran recitation sh.c/rashidcalisufu sh,c\rashiidcalisufi shaikh c/rashiid suufi maher muqaily somali translation of quran wadac wadac yaa ramadaan surah yusuf sh abdirashid ali sufi aflax quran quran cabdirashiid cali sufi cabdirashiid cali suufi sheekh cabdirashiid cali sufi sh cabdirashiid sh ali sufi cabdirashiid cali sufi youtube com wadac wadac yaa ramadan cabdirashiid sh ali sufi ramadan recitation holy quran recited by sheikh abdirashid ali sufi sheikh cali suufi aflax site abdirashid sufi cali sufi abdirashid sheikh ali sufi sheekhjaabir sheikh abdirashid sheikh ali suufi uquqda quranka abdirashid sheekhcabdirashiidcalisuufi somali ramadan quran translation in english السديس tarawiih abdurashid sufi wadac wadac sheekh cali sufi abdirashid ali sufi aflax quraan shiiq sheikh abdirashid cabdirashid...



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